2018 Event Photos





Testimonials from 2018

  • “An event I look forward to every year”
  • “So many good discussions, panels, workshops, and presentations. It was fantastic to see what was happening all across industries.”
  • “It was a refreshing conference, with new speakers, new ideas, etc shared.
  • “I loved it for a number of reasons. It was great to meet like-minded professionals, share a success in presenting to my peers and hopefully inspiring them, and networking was amazing, the showroom was helpful.
  • “I loved the combined experience. I found it very valuable for the expanded presentation offers and the discussion with other attendees around the table.”
  • “It was a much more meaningful for me as someone who instructs and facilitates in a postsecondary institution to have the collaboration with higher-ed.”
  • “The sessions that I went to I had learned a lot … I love it when presenters have resource takeaways which I found a lot of presenters did.”
  • “I love involvement in the sessions. Most of the facilitators did an amazing job providing activity and take-aways from their sessions. Keeping us engaged is key for leaders and experts in our field. It is also super challenging. Kuddos!”
  • “There were great networking opportunities with industry peers.”
  • “Both personally and professionally, I have learned a great deal. I’m now taking the time to pull together themes of what I have learned and finding ways to improve what we do and how we do it back at work. It was a fantastic event.”
  • “I took unpaid leave from work and paid for all the conference costs, including travel and accommodation out of pocket. I’m glad I did in the end, as I did learn and I have made new contacts.”
  • “Well done! Great sessions. Loved the higher ed connection and networking. Healthy break snacks were so so much better than traditional pastries and sweets.”
  • “It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to going back next year.”
  • ‘Thank you so much for your hard work, it was a fantastic evert overall and I really enjoyed it’
  • ‘The concurrent sessions were very valuable, each time slot offered multiple sessions of interest’
  • ‘There were great networking opportunities with industry peers’